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1. The concept.

We all have doubts about ourselves at some point in our lives. Nevertheless, we all somehow persevere and manage to override our doubts and fears and turn it into something positive. The truth is that some people manage to get through it, while others get stuck in that loophole of negativity which eventually becomes overwhelming.

What can we then do to reverse that cycle and turn it into something purposeful for our lives? How do we change the behaviors that do not benefit us into something meaningful? Are there any ways or practices one can exercise to enhance the true essence of thy inner self? What can we do to engage ourselves with continuous growth and maximize our own true potential? Below are some principle practices that can really help to break our limitations and transcend us to the next level.

(a) Meditation

Why has meditation become such an important part of our lives nowadays? Well, to be honest, we all have habits that we have acquired from childhood. A habit is a superfluous set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that are acquired through repetition. So by pure definition, a habit is someone doing something so many times that the body knows how to do it better than the mind. Hypothetically, most people wake up in the morning and begin to visualize their problems.

Those problems are multiple circuits and memories in the brain. To understand this narrative better, let`s use a hypothesis to clarify the point. Memories are connected to people and things at certain times and places. This means that the brain is a record of the past and when somebody starts their day, they are already visualizing their past. Moreover, each of those memories has an emotion attached to it. Emotions are the end products of past experiences and this means that when somebody recalls the memories of their hardships, they feel unhappy, sad, and painful. Concerning all of this, how you think, and how you feel creates your states of being. In return, this means that a person's entire state of being when they start their day is usually in the past.

This means that the familiar past will sooner or later be the predictable future. Hypothetically, if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny and you cannot think greater than how you feel, or that feelings have become the way of thinking, by the definition of emotions you are thinking in the past.

What does this mean? It simply applies to all of us that we are going to keep creating the same life, for instance, people will grab their phones, check their social media activities and engage in it, and all of a sudden they feel very connected to everything that is known in their life. In addition to that, people will go through a series of routined behaviors e.g they get out of bed on the same side, they go to the toilet, they take a cup of coffee, they take a shower, they get dressed, they drive to work the same way, they do the same things and they see the same people that push the same emotional buttons. This then becomes the routine that converts into a program which in turn indicates that one has lost their free will to a program and that there is no unseen authority doing it to them. When the time comes to change, the superfluity of that cycle becomes a subconscious program.

Within the circuits of the brain, a person can say with their conscious mind things like I want to be healthy, I want to be happy, I want to be free. All these might just be wishful thinking because the body is on a whole different program. The question of the day then becomes, how do we begin to make these changes?

One hypothesis is that we have to get beyond the analytical mind because what separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind is the analytical mind and that is where meditation plays a major role. Meditation enables people to learn how to change their brainwaves, slow them down, and once they achieve that, they do enter the operating system where they can begin to make some really important changes. One big concern is that people tend to wait for a crisis, trauma, disease, or diagnosis, in other wards some tragedy to make their minds change. The question is why wait? We can learn and change in a state of suffering or you can learn and change in a state of joy and inspiration. 

Free video series - Unlock your potential by bridging between spirituality and digitalization using proven online strategies!

Why is meditation the best tool? When we close our eyes and disconnect from our outer environment we see fewer things. That in return leads to less stimulation going to our brains thus less sensory information is coming into our brains. The act of disconnecting from the environment by sitting your body down results in us being defined by thought. When the body wants to go back to its emotional past and you become aware that your attention is on that emotion, and where you place your attention is where you place your energy, then you are emptying that energy of the present moment into the past.

Once you become aware of that and settle your body back down in the present moment, then your will is getting greater than the program. If you do this repeatedly, the liberation of energy is transformed, The transformation goes from matter to energy, and we can free ourselves from the chains of those emotions that keep us in the familiar past.

Free video series - Unlock your potential by bridging between spirituality and digitalization using proven online strategies! 

(b) Metacognition

Lets us get into some basic scientific facts in defining metacognition. The human brain has a huge frontal lobe which is 40% of the entire brain. This means that when most people have a thought, they often think that that`s the truth. By pure definition, just because we all have thoughts, it does not necessarily mean they are all true.

A concrete hypothesis is that we think 60-70 thousand thoughts in one day, and 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before.  The belief that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny is a manifestation of your life not changing very much. Why? Because the same thoughts lead to the same choices, the same choices lead to the same behavior, the same behavior creates the same experience and the same experience produces the same emotion. The practice of becoming conscious of this process to begin to become more aware of how you think, how you act, and how you feel is called metacognition. 

This is very essential because the more conscious one becomes of the unconscious states of mind and body, the less likely one is going to go unconscious during the day. The thought in actual progress will not slip by one`s awareness unchecked. Metacognition means to know thyself, and if we combine that with meditation, which means to become familiar with, we start becoming familiar with the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of the old self. In return, we are erasing that old self as we start firing and wiring new thoughts and condition the body into a new emotional state. Once this is done enough times, it will begin to become familiar to you as you progress into unlocking the true potential of your state and flow and live the life you deserve.

Free video series - Unlock your potential by bridging between spirituality and digitalization using proven online strategies!

(c) Awareness

Primarily, we learn the most about ourselves and others when we are uncomfortable. When we are in that uncomfortable state, a program jumps in. This is a result of the person not wanting to be in the present moment and engage it consciously. Creating awareness through a meditative process means that we are less likely to emotionally react, we are less likely to be so rigid and believe the thoughts we were thinking.

Instead, we become more aware of when we go unconscious back into a habit. Here is where the process of change starts. The formula is to unlearn before we relearn, break the habit of the old self before we reinvent a new self. We have to unfire and unwire the synaptic connections in our brains to refire and rewire new synaptic connections. The process of unmemorizing emotions that are stored in the body and recondition the body into a new mind and new emotion is the act of awareness. 

Free video series - Unlock your potential by bridging between spirituality and digitalization using proven online strategies! 

(d) Knowledge 

Knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self-empowerment. If you are looking for a community to really find yourself and grow into the person you were meant to be, then I strongly suggest you take a look at the tremendous opportunity being offered in the free video series. What you are going to be gaining is free access on how to be self-empowered using modern-day and proven digitalization methods to build your own online influence/voice/business empire from scratch. In order to change and reprogram our old habits into new productive and growthful habits, we need a set of newly enhanced skills that enable us to make that leap into the realm of futuristic events that will help us get ready and equipped for any setbacks that come our way.

Free video series - Unlock your potential by bridging between spirituality and digitalization using proven online strategies!

We are witnessing that the traditional model of the economy is too unreliable and with the ever-changing events in the global markets, digital transformation will soon be the norm set by the standards of futuristic events. I am truly hopeful and optimistic that you will take the time to dive into the video series and witness how your true potential can be unlocked into something greater and beneficial for the community and the world as a whole. We are all in it together, and within this community, you never walk alone. There will be guidance from professional and trustworthy people all over the world within the community that will really add value as you search for your answers in embarking on the digital and spiritual transformation for the greater good. I truly hope to see you on the other side. Until then, be safe, continue growing, and stay legendary!