My name is Jacob Osumba, and if you don`t mind, I am going to dive into the subject.

I know you have already heard about online marketing on different occasions, with the feeling that maybe all this is just a big bluff. Well, to be honest, I don't blame you, I was that person too once before. To try and put everything into perspective, this year has been filled with a ton of different events, the MAJOR one being COD-vid 19 virus. The pandemic has shaken the world`s economy on levels that we never anticipated, and the 2008 economical crisis is nothing compared to the current situation. Perhaps, if we can draw some comparisons with our own lives, one way or the other we have personally gone through tough challenges, endured them, and for the most part, gotten through them hence making us better and stronger.

There is no better time for growth and progression than during challenging times. That`s when NECESSITY becomes the mother of invention. Indeed, speaking for myself, this was the case. We can all relate to the fact that at some point in our lives, we have gone through some hardships that have forced us into shifting our way of living in all aspects of life. Even though these are challenging times for humanity, somehow it`s not something really new to us in terms of going through the challenging times and making it through. That is the funny thing about hardships, it does not choose whatever state of being we find ourselves in, because at some point we are usually forced to face them,

It is fair to say that digital marketing is a true passion for everyone, either directly or indirectly. I intend on sharing and shedding light on the endless opportunities within online marketing thus advocate that there is more potential in digital marketing than ever before. There is a lot that comes with digital marketing, for instance, financial freedom. Although this might be the case, there is a whole lot more to gain with digital marketing.

First, spending more time with friends and family whilst doing something that you are truly passionate about to drive change for a better world for future generations. Something we lack in today's world is time to truly spend time with family and dear friends and even within the community in order to add real value to each other. The stress of having to provide for a family by waking up early in the morning to commute to work and back home every day can be tiresome. The traditional way of thinking is that you have to trade time for money in order to be able to provide. During this pandemic people have lost jobs, governments have been trying hard to find solutions, but still, people are getting affected on so many levels.

Perhaps like you, I`ve always had a burning desire for success. When life got really challenging for me, I had to find something to do other than sinking into depression and feeling sorry about myself.

I want to help and drive change with people who are driven and enthusiastic. People who want to live a better life with a ton more freedom than what they have right now, people who are willing to do the work.

Individuals and couples of all ages who are ready to apply what we teach and create meaningful and fulfilling work with infinite opportunity.

Imagine what you would do if you made at least what you make right now but completely on your terms from your laptop or computer.

Now imagine what it would be like to be able to scale that income 2,3 4 X over the next few years because of the leverage you get with the internet.

In order to achieve ANY of those results, you have to take action. I`m sure that I have turned some people off with my approach of fast action and some real truths. I believe that we are all responsible for our circumstances and that if you don`t take action, we don`t really want to change.

Let`s embark on this journey together and make the impossible possible.

Together, we can show people how to truly become the best versions of themselves, and it starts with you and me. So please, if you are truly into this notion, then don`t let doubt hold you back. Make sure to subscribe by entering your email, and get free introductory video series that explains the notion of digitalization. Until then, stay safe and be legendary in your own right!